In the News: Airlines should be upfront about fees, group says
June 14th, 2013

The-Plain-Dealer-logoThe Cleveland Plain Dealer has an excellent story on how the growing number of airline fees is making it difficult for consumers to understand and compare the true all-in cost (fares+fees+taxes) of air travel, and how Open Allies’ This Is Your Passenger Speaking campaign is working to better protect consumers:

Airlines should be upfront about fees, group says

The nonprofit advocacy group wants the Department of Transportation to require airlines to disclose all their baggage fees and seat-reservation fees up front.

The way it works now, if a family of four, for example, wants to sit together on a flight from Chicago to Orlando, the only way to figure out how much it will cost is by going to each airline’s website, opening up its seat maps for each flight and comparing the price, said Consumer Travel Alliance director Charlie Leocha.

“You have to do that with each airline, and there’s no guarantee that those seats will even be there when you get back” to that website, he said. “This is a deceptive and misleading practice. If they’re going to make these fees, then they should tell us up front so that we can compare them.”