Talking Transparency

This Is Your Passenger Speaking Featured on Rudy Maxa’s World radio show Talking Transparency June 13th, 2013

Open Allies and This Is Your Passenger Speaking campaign supporter Charles Leocha of the Consumer Travel Alliance was recently interviewed on the Rudy Maxa’s World radio show.  Click here to listen to Charlie talk about how airline fees are making it almost impossible to comparison shop for the true all-in cost (fares+fees+taxes) of airfares, and […]

It’s time airlines tell the truth, the whole truth about air travel prices A Closer Look, Talking Transparency July 17th, 2012

By Charlie Leocha Director, Consumer Travel Alliance In the ongoing conflict between global distribution systems and the airlines, consumers are getting the short end of the stick. Rather than doing right by their customers, the airlines are continuing their deceptive practices under the guise of contract negotiations. Airline passengers deserve better — a clear and […]

Crossing The Finish Line On Hidden Airline Fees Talking Transparency May 3rd, 2011

For the millions of consumers and business travelers who have been confused and infuriated by airline’s refusal to disclose their fees for things like baggage and seating, last month’s rule on consumer protection from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) was an anxiously awaited opportunity to restore full transparency to the system. Read the full story here.

The GDS Value Proposition For Airlines & Managed Travel Talking Transparency April 12th, 2011

Why are low-cost carriers WestJet, AirTran, JetBlue, easyJet and Southwest embracing global distribution systems to distribute their airfares and ancillary fees? Simple, because it’s a proven and low-cost way to snare much-valued high-yield business travelers. Another proof point for the value of the GDSs: major carriers such as Finnair, Air Canada and United Airlines are […]

Behind the Scenes of Today’s Distribution Technology Talking Transparency March 24th, 2011

When it comes to technology, for those of us in the travel business, reliability is everything. If your reservation system goes down for several hours, you can’t take care of your customers, and they will turn elsewhere. That’s why so many members of Open Allies have expressed deep concern about the untested and unproven systems […]