If the iPhone’s default alarm is not “enough” for you, this is the solution

Suggest an extreme alarm app that sleepers should be cautious about using on iPhone.

Although the alarm features on the iPhone are still quite effective, sometimes it is too easy to be “overtaken” when its function is not enough to awaken the user’s sleep. So, if you are looking for a “heavier” solution than iOS’s default alarm feature, Alarmy is a pretty bright candidate.

With statistics over 13 million times forcing users out of bed, as well as frequently appearing in the list of the 100 best apps on the App Store, Alarmy with the slogan “Sleep If U Can” is the extremely professional solution in wake you up early tomorrow.

After downloading, please start the application from the main screen. At the first use, the application will ask you to grant permission for the application to be notified. Click OK to accept.

The main interface of the application will appear, including 3 main function tabs and an introduction tab. In the first tab, click “+” to create a new alarm or click directly on the available settings to proceed with editing.

The supplied bag setting options include time, how to turn off the alarm, repeat options, audio and identification labels.

The interesting thing about Alarmy is that it provides very good alarm options … the headaches make you wake up and get out of bed.

Specifically with the Solving option, you can proceed to set up the task of solving the problem to turn off the alarm with specific levels depending on your degree of tolerance.

With the option to shake the phone, you can customize the number of shakes to more than 30 times, but make sure the phone recognizes the shake intensity through vibration feedback to calculate.

And with the photography option, you have to make the right shooting of a predetermined image so you can turn off the alarm.

Selecting game is similar, depending on your level of tolerance, you can set the levels of the game to wake up and turn off the alarm.

For the alarm sound option, the app will provide some pretty cool soundtracks or you can choose to use the song you like in your Music library.

When everything is done, just save it and wait for the result.

To turn off the alarm, you must complete the task you set up earlier.

In addition to the quite interesting alarm function tab that Alarmy offers, this app also provides a sleep function with soft, relaxing sounds, so that you can easily fall asleep when you are too stressed.

The news function tab is also quite nice when it allows you to refer to the latest news of the day depending on where you are.

If you want to further personalize the application, you can refer to the options in Settings.

Very interesting right? Hope this application will be useful for you.