In the News: Why ancillary access matters to your business

American Society of Travel Agents VP of Industry and Consumer Affairs John Pittman has an excellent opinion piece in Travel Weekly about how the airlines refusal to share ancillary fee information with global distribution systems is hurting travel agents’ ability to best serve their customers:

For decades you have relied on the GDSs to do just that. Yet a few years back, the airlines began unbundling core components, such as seat assignments and checked bags, from the base price of an airfare.

The problem this presents for you is that it is no longer possible to do an efficient apple-to-apples comparison of the true price of transportation, nor is it possible to acquire and confirm purchasable seat assignments. All of this is chipping away at your ability to meet your customers’ needs . . .

The reality is that the airlines have made your GDS into a partial tool for airfare searches by restricting your access to content. The bottom line is that it is crucial that you and the customers you represent have access to comparative, all-in pricing and bookable content at the point of sale.

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