Monaco’s head contracts nCoV

Prince Albert II of Monaco, 62, who was positive for nCoV, became the first head of state who contracted the virus.

The palace of Monaco says its ruler, Prince Albert II, has tested in the early of this week and the result showed he was positive for nCoV. Albert, 62, appeared to be the first head of state who contracted the virus.

According to the notice of the Monaco place, Prince Albert II’s health is now stable and he still works from his home office in the palace. However, he is being treated by doctors and medical professionals.

The head of state also called 39,000 people of Monaco to comply with the quarantine regulations to prevent the spreading of the virus. It is unclear that his wife, Princess Charlene, has tested for nCoV or not. Monaco Prime Minister Serge Telle three days ago also announced that he was infected the nCoV.

Prince Albert has ruled the principality of Monaco since July 2005, after his father’s death. He married the greatest swimmer who attended the South African Olympics Charlene Wittstock in 2011.

Covid-119 appeared in 176 countries and territories after it spreads in Wuhan that the capital of Hubei province of China in December 2019. The epidemic has made over 227,000 people be infected, over 9,300 died and nearly 86,000 recovered.

Monaco currently records 9 cases of nCoV infection since the first case was detected on February 28. This country requires all public places to be closed starting at midnight on March 21 to strengthen measures to control and prevent the spread of the epidemic.


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