In the News: Supreme Court refuses airline challenge on fare rules
April 1st, 2013

USA Today logoOpen Allies Executive Director David Kelly was mentioned in a USA Today article on the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear a challenge to the DOT’s ability to promulgate and enforce airline consumer protection regulations.

The airline industry has failed in its court challenge of recently enacted federal rules that require airlines to include taxes in their advertised fares.

Airlines claimed the rules violate their free-speech rights, but the Supreme Court did not see it that way. The court refused to review the challenge, a move that leaves the 2012 Department of Transportation rules in effect.

The rules require airlines to display the total cost of a ticket – inclusive of taxes – in the largest type size and in the most-prominent placement. The DOT rules have previously been upheld by a federal appeals court . . .

The consumer-advocate group Open Allies for Airfare Transparency said the decision should clear the way for the DOT to clarify how fees should be displayed and transacted.

“The DOT has taken actions to protect consumers from the misleading tactics airlines use to display prices, taxes and fee information,” David Kelly, the group’s executive director, says in a statement.