In the News: Syndicated column asks “Will new airfare booking system cure headaches – or create more?”
August 6th, 2013

Nationally-syndicated columnist Chris Elliott dedicated his column to the confusion over IATA’s proposed New Distribution Capability (NDC) and cited Open Allies as leading the effort to make the proposal more understandable, more collaborative, and more traveler-friendly.

Problem is, a large part of the travel industry wants nothing to do with the NDC — and with good reason. The NDC proposal, which is pending approval by the U.S. government, was created without any meaningful input from travel agents and other travel technology companies. If the system is implemented as critics predict it will be, it could actually make airfare shopping harder and force passengers to pay more for their tickets. …

If the NDC is approved, shopping for an inexpensive airfare would be even more difficult than it is today, the group claims. An airline could refuse to show you its cheapest fare unless you register and share information with its site, and even then, it might show you confusing fares that include options such as in-flight wireless and free checked luggage. You might not be able to compare prices between airlines.

“The bottom line,” says Andrew Weinstein, a spokesman for Open Allies, “is that this will reduce competition.”