In the News: The New Battle for Transparency – Airline Fees
June 10th, 2013

logo_ffTim Winship of has an excellent blog post noting that now that airline fees are a reality of travel, it’s time for airlines to disclose their fees in a way that still allows consumers to make informed travel purchases:

The New Battle for Transparency

So fees will be a fact of travel life for the foreseeable future.

Although they’re not inherently evil, they do put consumers at a disadvantage when it comes to purchasing air travel. How do you make an rational choice among airlines when all you see is the advertised price?

Sure, United’s published airfare might be higher than Spirit’s. But will the actual price, including all relevant fees, be higher?

If the airlines want to make fees part of the travel-buying experience, they have to do so transparently, in a way that makes comparison shopping easy.

The battle to put the kibosh on nuisance fees has been lost. The new battle: to force the airlines to disclose their fees in such a way that consumers can make informed travel purchases.

We couldn’t agree more. Sign the This Is Your Passenger Speaking online petition today, which calls on the Department of Transportation to establish new consumer protections to ensure that travelers can see, compare and purchase the total cost of their air travel, wherever they purchase airfares.